The Pompea group started its activities in the territory of the Republic of Serbia in 2002. Within two years the company Brusjanka was acquired, after which have begun significant investments in the reconstruction and modernization of the plants, machinery and equipment. With the constant growth trend, the number of over 400 employees was already reached in 2005. On the basis of positive experience, after three years of activity in Serbia, Pompea Group decides to build a new production plant in Zrenjanin. Total investment of more than 10,000,000 euros, with the support of the Municipality of Zrenjanin, was completed within a year and after that the production began. In 2008 the new factory became the headquarters of the company. Pompea also continues to invest and builds a new textile dyeing plant that begins operations in 2010. With the construction of the new plant, the entire production process was completed, from cutting, through sewing, dyeing, to the packaging of finished products. Three years later, another production plant for the automatic sewing of socks was launched at the Zrenjanin production site. Since then, Modital produces monthly more than 6,000,000 pieces of finished products of recognizable and top-quality Italian design. Further development of activities was focused on the modernization of machines and equipment, on increasing the efficiency of existing production capacities, on improving the quality of services and products and on the introduction of new standards. In pursuit of continuous progress and the need to achieve a flexible and effective business, he continues to plan further development.


Entry into the Serbian market!

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Acquisition of Brusjanka!
Investments in reconstruction and modernization.

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Achieving the full production volume!

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Over 400 of employees!

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Establishment of the commercial headquarters based in Belgrade.

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Opening of the new production building in Zrenjanin.

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Change of company name in Modital manufacturing d.o.o.
The office moved to Zrenjanin.

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Merger of the sectors, commercial and manufacturing, in a single legal entity.
Modital d.o.o.

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Opening of the new building for dyeing in Zrenjanin.

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Over 900 of employees!

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Opening of the department for the automatic sewing of socks!

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Our plans!